United by differences

Data publicarii: 18.04.2014 ora 10:04 AM

Echipa Zappers si-a propus sa surprinda noi valente ale conceptului de diversitate culturala. Formula de succes care i-a permis sa atinga acest obiectiv ambitios poate fi rezumata in sintagma «united by differences». Aplicand aceasta filozofie in toate etapele activitatii, de la strategie pana la articolul final, echipa Zappers isi doreste sa devina sursa principala de informare pentru tinerii din Romania.

Pornind de la ideea ca multiculturalitatea ofera un spatiu favorabil creativitatii, Zappers Romania a creat o echipa de 20 de scriitori si 15 graficieni din 17 tari (SUA, Israel, Bangladesh, Phillipine, India, Jamaica, UK, Canada, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Suedia, Estonia, Spania, Croatia, Rusia si Romania). Fiecare membru al echipei se bucura de un alt peisaj pe fereastra si fiecare isi gaseste inspiratia intr-un alt loc si alt moment al zilei, dar, impreuna, cu totii simt la fel. Cu totii simt placerea scrisului, cu totii vor sa transmita o idee, o imagine, o poveste, sa te ajute pe tine, cititorul, sa fii informat, sa gandesti, sa visezi si sa traiesti mai frumos.

Diferentele dintre membrii echipei sunt cele care ii unesc pentru a crea un spatiu inedit pentru cititorii care isi doresc sa depaseasca limitele sociale si culturale, pentru a ajunge la informatii corecte, complete si relevante. Creand prin fructificarea diferentelor culturale, echipa Zappers surprinde o realitate ce depaseste limitarile geografice si inspira si uneste cititori din intreaga lume.

Articolele Zappers ii provoaca pe cititori sa invete sa se bucure de diversitatea culturala, religioasa si sociala pentru a atinge noi etape de dezvoltare personala. Membrii echipei au descoperit placerea de a lucra impreuna, invatand sa dezvolte noi idei si abordari pe baza diferentelor si asemanarilor dintre ei. Astfel, prin articolele create, ei transmit exact aceasta idee: suntem cu totii la fel, doar aratam si ne exprimam diferit.

Zappers Romania isi doreste sa devina sursa principala de informare pentru tineri, descoperind reteta care ii permita sa livreze arta si bucuria cunoasterii. In acest sens, articolele dezvoltate abordeaza teme diverse care cuprind principalele puncte de interes ale tinerilor dornici de dezvoltare personala si profesionala. Astfel, cititorul va fi la curent cu stirile relevante, atat pe plan local cat si global, va avea acces la informatii de interes despre sport si vedete, va invata sa se bucure si sa aprecieze arta cinematografica, va descoperi destinatii inedite si noi valente ale turismului, se va imbarca intr-o calatorie culinara invatand sa se bucure de experienta de a manca sanatos, va descoperi noi idei despre shopping, lux si tehnologie, isi va rafina abilitatea de a fi parinte si va descoperi o sursa de inspiratie pentru activitati sportive si educative.

Misiunea si valorile echipei Zappers ii permit sa asigure o informare corecta si completa, si cu aceasta ocazie te invita sa te bucuri de experienta astfel creata. Accepta provocarea de a invata din diferentele culturale si vei obtine sursele necesare pentru dezvoltarea ta personala!

United by differences

Zappers team has proposed to capture new aspects of the concept of cultural diversity. The formula for success that allowed us to achieve this ambitious goal can be summed up in the phrase “united by differences”.
Applying this philosophy in all stages of business, from strategy to the finished article, Zappers team wants to become the main source of information for young people in Romania.

Starting from the idea that multiculturalism provides a favorable space of creativity, Zappers Romania has created a team of 20 writers and 15 designers from 17 countries (U.S., Israel, Bangladesh, Phillipine, India, Jamaica, UK, Canada, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Sweden, Estonia, Spain, Croatia, Russia and Romania). Each team member finds inspiration in another place and another time of day, but together we all feel the same.
We all feel the pleasure of writing, we all want to convey an idea, an image, a story, to help you, the reader, to be informed, to think, to dream and to live better.

Differences between team members are ones that join together to create a unique space for readers who want to overcome social and cultural boundaries to achieve accurate, complete and relevant. Creating by cultural differences, Zappers team captures a reality that surpasses geographical limitations and inspires and connects readers around the world.

All articles challenge the readers to learn to enjoy the cultural, religious and social to reach new stages of personal development. Team members discovered the pleasure of working together, learning to develop new ideas and approaches based on differences and similarities between them.
Thus, the items created, they send exactly the point: we are all the same, just look and express ourselves differently.

Zappers Romania wants to become the main source of information for young people, discovering recipe that allow it to deliver the joy of art and knowledge. In this regard, various articles on themes developed which include the main points of interest of young people eager for personal and professional development. Thus, the reader will be acquainted with relevant news, both locally and globally, will have access to information of interest about sports and celebrities, will learn to enjoy and appreciate the art of film, will discover unique destinations and new values of tourism, will embark on a culinary journey to enjoy the experience of learning to eat healthier, will discover new ideas about shopping, luxury and technology, will refine your ability to be a parent and you will discover an inspiration for sports and educational.

The mission and values of Zappers Team allow to provide correct and complete information and invite you to enjoy this experience. Accept the challenge to learn from cultural differences and you will obtain the necessary resources for your personal development!