A new trend in Bucharest real estate market

Data publicarii: 20.11.2013 ora 11:11 AM

In a time when large residential developments struggle to liquidate the portfolio, new small residential projects are in high demand.

The real estate market has matured, potential buyers are more informed and pay more attention to detail when analyze the offers. Lately buyers shift their attention to smaller residential projects where quality of life is better.

Mr. Bogdan Paduraru founder G3 Property declares:

“We have a new residential project developed in Vitan which confirms the new trend of the market. The project enjoys a great interest, the customers have watched how the work is carried out and after they were convinced that it is a good quality project, decided to buy. Although the project will be finished in February 2014, 50% is already sold and probably all apartments will be contracted until until project completion.

The residential project is located in sector 3, on Foisorului street no. 8A, with direct access to two avenues ( Calea Vitan and Nerva Traian ) but away from the daily noise of the city. The new owners will enjoy a quiet and intimate lifestyle specify at the chic, cozy old houses

From what Mr. Bogdan said “ G3 Imobiliare is the exclusive agent and has been involved in the project from the beginning. The project was designed to provide a superior lifestyle, care and attention to the smallest detail underlying this success. Although there are only 6 suites on 3 floors the building is equipped with elevator. Now are available two bedroom apartments priced at 76 200 euro without VAT.

G3 Property is a real estate company specializing exclusively on new residential projects, providing complete real estate consultancy services for real estate developers.